Our Stories

Adebola Helen (Electrical) September Batch.jpg

Adebayo Adebola Helen

Electrical Training, Sep 2019

Being a part of the program was a big opportunity for me. The hands-on practical training I had in domestic and industrial installation, gave me an edge on the field. Among the numerous things I love about the program, apart from finding internship and job opportunities (which is how I got my job), is the sense of security I always get from the follow up, the mentoring, and the alumni engagement programs. I always feel like with Ishk behind me, I can never commit a career suicide because they are always there for me and ready to listen. In the not so far future. I aspire to be an entrepreneur, a force to be reckoned with in the automation industry, and inspire girls in secondary schools to pick up a career in engineering. Thank you Ishk for believing in me, for impacting my life and for making my life better. She is currently employed with Dufil in Sango Otta

Adesina Titilayo (Fashion Design) Pilot Batch.jpeg

Titilayo Adesina

Fashion, October 2018

Ishk Hub had a huge impact on my personal growth and present achievements. I chose to learn fashion designing as it is a great passion of mine. I learned so much, kept practicing on my own and attended Ishk Skills Hub’s training in interviewing skills and using Facebook to boost business. The peculiar thing about Ishk Skills Hub is that it gives both career-oriented and business minded people opportunities to learn. During the three month internship at Tosho Woods Bridal and Occasions, I learned sewing techniques, embellishment, designing, beading, a lot of critical needle work and how to manage a business. My boss relied on me to handle logistics for the company, send and receive fabrics and materials, and handle accounts, transactions and customers within and outside the country. It was an eye-opener for me. I plan to continue using these acquired skills to foster my growth.  I already sew clothes for people and take orders from express tailors to deliver to my customers. I also plan to get myself an industrial sewing machine to start my business, take more orders and grow bigger.

Ikeazota Augustine Ike(Graphics Design) Pilot batch.jpeg

Ikeazota Augustine Ike

Graphic Design, October 2018

During my course at Ishk Skills Hub, I learnt how to design logos and create printable designs from scratch, using applications such as Coreldraw and Photoshop. I am really glad for this great opportunity and platform given to the youths of Nigeria. I hope to advance my IT skills in the near future and pass this knowledge to the upcoming generation and also work with a reputable IT firm, in executing and delivering great IT solutions to the world

Tijani Abiola (Soft Skills) April Batch.jpeg

Tijani Abiola

Soft skills, April 2018

My soft skills training course was a one-month training at WAVE Academy Yaba. I completed a 150-hour program with mandatory courses in hospitality and retail, managing customer experiences and expectations, customer service, verbal and non-verbal communication, problem solving, decision making, negotiations, personal hygiene, etiquette, ethics and hotel operation standards. What I enjoyed about the program was the conducive and serene environment we did the foundation module training in at Ishk Skills Hub. I also cherished the relationship with, and follow-up done, by the organizers of the program. The team devoted their time and energy, which shows that they are passionate about what they are doing to help youth become better people in society. In the near future, I aspire to be a better person by improving myself, learning from others wherever I find myself, doing other professional courses in line with my economics discipline, and above all, seeing myself at the top.

Zainab Aboderin (Fashion Design) April Batch.jpeg

Aboderin Zainab

Fashion, April 2019

I enjoyed all aspects of the training, from the 3-week course which ranges from personal effectiveness, leadership and character, financial management, workplace safety, computer literacy and use of digital tools. Ishk Skills Hub partnered with fantastic facilitators and training centres. I was able to learn and unlearn when I got to my training centre because I was exposed to current and world class fashion designing training. I can gladly say that all I have gained at Ishk Skills Hub over the short period was more beneficial than what anyone could learn in higher institutions of learning. My aspiration is to be a household name when it comes to fashion designing in Nigeria, and to be able to impact my immediate community, especially the youth.

Eze Rosemary (Cooking and Baking) October Batch.jpeg

Eze Rosemary

Cooking and Baking, October 2019

The program was a chain breaker for me. Being a graduate of hospitality management, it made me more relevant in my field and killed the age stigma I faced after graduating at an advanced age. I was able to learn a lot in my skill school. Presently, I am on an internship in one of the biggest companies and I was favoured to work in their quality control department (being a baker and a lab analyst) . This has boosted my career and I believe I will be a very hot cake in my field after my internship.  We were given a Foundation class which has been my guide. Right now in the field, I am able to see and practise all I was taught during the Foundation Module. This made my employer see and respect me and my background which is Ishk.

Olaiya Templer Graphic Design April Batch.jpeg

Olaiya Templer Adenike

Graphic Design, April 2019 

Ishk Skills Hub was one with a difference. It is not your regular empowerment and skills acquisition schemes because I was exposed to life-changing sessions on personal effectiveness, leadership & character building, financial management and digital skills/use of digital tools by the best facilitators on the subject matter in a serene and beautiful learning environment. My desire is to be gainfully employed in a reputable organisation that will enable me practice and hone my skills while putting to good use the cherished knowledge gained at Ishk Skills Hub. 

Sekinat Taiwo(Fashion Design) November Batch.jpeg

Sekinat Taiwo Doyinsola

Fashion, October 2019

During my skills training program, I learned the basics of sewing, zipper fixing, drafting basic blocks, dart manipulation and how to sew garments well. I was also lucky to become familiar with the use of industrial sewing machines and overlockers and learn the importance of steaming fabrics before cutting. I learned a lot about paying attention to the tiniest detail of an outfit. I was able to deconstruct/interpret some outfits by just looking at them. This helped me reawaken my critical thinking skills. One good thing about this profession is that you learn more when mistakes are made and I'm glad I was able to decipher all these during my training. I aspire to be someone who will be well grounded in this profession and would like to be perfect at the art so I'm sought after at home and abroad. I would also like to earn big while on this job. I know with consistency as well as my effort, this is achievable.

Nneka Ebele Nwangwu (Makeu-up) May batch.jpg

Nneka Ebele Nwagwu

Makeup, May 2019

I learned a lot about myself during the preliminary coursework [the soft skills training] that was conducted at the Ishk Skills Hub before we were deployed to our various learning centres. I learned to work better in a team, I got more insights into how to use my finances wisely, communicate clearly and to be more confident in my own skin. In the next five years, I would like to own my skincare brand and be a beauty and lifestyle blogger/vlogger.

Okunade Tobi Elijah Web Design (October Batch).jpeg

Okunade Tobi Elijah

Web Design, October 2019

I aspire to be a successful graphics and web designer in the near future. Under the auspices of Ishk Tolaram Foundation, I was given the opportunity to take up a 3-month web design course which was almost fully sponsored by this great foundation. Prior to my meeting with this foundation, I had been a victim of frustration emanating from my job search even though I graduated with "First Class" honours from university. Ishk Tolaram Foundation is an organization built on genuine love for humanity and is fully committed to making sure that unemployment among youths and poverty are grossly alleviated. Ishk gave me a reason to hope again. This foundation showed me the reason why I should look beyond university degrees and certificates if I am to thrive in this competitive world. This foundation didn't only provide me with a platform on which I would plan my future but also took the extra effort to put my feet on the road that leads to the future I've always envisaged.

Keneth Akhonokhue (Graphic Design) October Batch.jpg

Akhonokhue Kenneth

Graphic Design, November 2019

I am thankful to Ishk Skills Hub for providing a platform to enhance my skills and an opportunity to showcase them. The program gave me an opportunity to meet different people and learn a number of things. The Ishk Skills Hub staff worked so hard on my overall development and continued to conduct training for me through alumni engagement to prepare me for the future. “Think different and create different”, that is the one thing that the CCIT Academy [training partner] succeeded in teaching me, which invariably helps to achieve what I need. Through the rigorous projects CCIT Academy subjected me to, I learned that the right perspective is the key to solving problems. My appreciation to CCIT Academy staff, especially Mr. Segun Adesanya, for their painstaking efforts to make sure I am proficient and effective with the use of Adobe Creative apps for designs.

Stanley Osagiede (Electrical) September Batch.jpeg

Stanley Osagiede

Electrical Training, September 2019

Ishk Skills Hub’s electrical program helped me bridge the gap in the theory I learnt from the higher institution by giving us a comprehensive practical training in domestic and industrial wiring and control and maintenance systems. After the training, we were sent for another 3 months for an industrial attachment. This program is a must for all electrical graduates and aspiring electrical engineering students. Now, I am a complete solution engineer in my field of electricals. Five years from now, I see myself as a CEO offering electrical services to many firms within and outside Lagos. Many thanks to Ishk Tolaram Foundation for the wonderful work they are doing through this program.


Sanni Juliana Opeoluwa

Fashion, November 2020

Before I attended Ishk Skills Hub, I always felt incomplete with the knowledge I had about my skills. As a Fashion Designer, I want to be able to do my work in a way that would make me feel fulfilled and happy. So, when I heard about Ishk Hub, I was glad and determined to put in effort to learn what would make me a better Fashion Designer. I learned that making good clothes is not all that matters, but the life skills that would help me blend in the fashion world, including communication, customer relationships, etc. In the course of my training, I learned to make both English and Native wears using patterns. Ishk Skills Hub is the right place for anyone who wants to improve in his/her career. Two important points I noted from the Foundation Module that would help newbies are self-discipline and building self-confidence.This is possible if you open your heart and mind, remain focused, and participate more as the training progresses

Olaifa Damilola Funke (Make-up) November Batch.jpeg

Olaifa Damilola Funke

Makeup, November 2019

The facilitators for the first two weeks of [soft skills] training were perfect; they were strict and friendly at the same time. Thank you Ishk Skills Hub for giving me the opportunity to learn and meet people with different dreams, experiencing goals and joining hands together to make things work. I also enjoyed my training at Inspire Vocational Center. Thanks to the officials for putting me through my two months stay at the center - I learned a lot thanks to my facilitator. She took her time to explain everything about makeup to me and I am proud to say that with what I have learned, I can do better than before. My aspiration is to be a great person in the beauty industry and to make Ishk Skills Hub, my guarantor and my parents proud.