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We focus our grant making on co-creating programs that are mission aligned, within our focus areas and our core geographies of Indonesia, Nigeria and Singapore. 

We invite grants on a rolling basis and grant applications undergo a due diligence process of 3-6 months before approval. 


Our grants are available only to registered non-profit organisations. 



Indonesia | Education

Grant period: 

Addresses the needs of students and families who face barriers in completing elementary school education by providing basic school supplies, building teacher and school capacity, and empowering parents to sustainable livelihoods. The program is a collaboration between Rotary Clubs in Malang Central, Batu, and Singapore. Since 2016, the program has supported 1,277 students.



Speech Therapy.png

Indonesia | Vocational training

Grant period:

Ensures and increases the quality of speech therapy for 500 children under the care of Bhakti Luhur Foundation in Malang, Indonesia. The project provides training to 36 speech therapists and enhances existing facilities for therapy within these headquarters. 



Indonesia | Education and Vocational training

Grant period: 

Yayasan Teman Baik works to protect Indonesia's marginalised youth, including those living and working on the streets, those affected by chronic illnesses or drug abuse, and migrants facing difficulties in their new localities. 




Indonesia | Education and Vocational training

Grant period: 

The Learning Farm empowers vulnerable youth in Indonesia through vocational and entrepreneurial training activities. Students who are often street youth, refugees or victims of conflict, immerse themselves in a 100-day basic course to gain an understanding before moving to an advanced farming course or pursuing employment. Since 2005, the organisation has nurtured more than 1000 students. 

Ishk Tolaram Foundation is a founding partner of The Learning Farm and has helped support the training of 15 students since 2017 and the enhancement of learning facilities.


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