The culturally vibrant nation of Indonesia holds a special place in our hearts as it was the first home of the Tolaram family following their departure from Sindh during the political turbulence of the 1940s. The family business Tolaram Group was founded in Malang, Indonesia in 1948 and continues to operate in the country today. 

We operate one core program and engage in grant-making in Indonesia.

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Nigeria is a spirited and resilient nation that has opened its doors to us since 1976, when Tolaram Group entered the country in search of new opportunities. Today, a majority of the business continues to operate out of Nigeria and this has led many members of both the family and business to call the nation home.

We operate two core programs and engage in grant-making in Nigeria.

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Singapore has been home to Tolaram Group's corporate headquarters since the 1970s.

The Foundation's head office as well as Tolaram's Family Office are also located here.

We only engage in grant-making in Singapore.