Peduli Anak


Ishk Peduli Anak Indonesia supports quality early childhood education and development (ECED) in East Java, allowing all children to develop to their fullest potential and be equipped for further schooling.


Quality ECED


Good maternal and child

health and nutrition

All children aged 3-6 

enrolled in PAUD

Competent teachers

and school leaders 

Community awareness 

and support

Parents who stimulate 

learning and play at home

A safe and nurturing


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Our Approach

We work with the Ministry of Education in Kota Batu, East Java, and SINAU Teacher Development Centre to run a multi-level teacher training program that engages the

3 pillars of a child's ecosystem: 

1. School

2. Home 

3. Community 


Level 1 | Diklat Dasar

Level 2 | Diklat Lanjut

Level 3 | Diklat Mahir

Train the Trainer

After teachers complete the capstone project of each training level, they are certified as early childhood educators by Kota Batu's Ministry of Education and Culture and receive a pay increment. 

200 teachers have completed

our program since 2018

200-LEVEL 1

   96-LEVEL 2

  46-LEVEL 3

97 school leaders, 5 school district supervisors and 80 parents have

also completed our training program, enabling them to implement 

valuable ECED concepts at school and at home

Hear from our teachers

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We are grateful to have participated in the basic training – it has been beneficial for us and has taught us a lot. After we completed the training, we were able to apply what we learned to our work and see the benefits. With our teachers applying these new techniques to their activities with enthusiasm, our children also have more fun – which has been very helpful.

Tri Susanti

Head Master of RA 05 Syarif Hidayatullah

*Translated from Indonesian

*Edited for clarity and length


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