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In Singapore, we support programs providing access to holistic education and skills training. Our grants are currently by invite only.

More details on our grantmaking approach and criteria coming soon.



Beautiful People is a platform for building mentoring relationships that transforms lives for both mentors and mentees. Since starting in 2006, their mentoring model has been adapted in various areas including girls', boys' and children's homes, women's prisons and youth development centres.

The Dream Fund is set up to serve mentees who are already discharged from residential institutions but need to support themselves financially and provide for their own independent living arrangements. 


Education • 2019-2021

4 students
supported financially and provided for their own independent living arrangements

ITF Heart Logo.png

25 students  received mentorship and financial assistance 

The Ishk Tolaram scholarship supports students to complete secondary schooling, progress to tertiary education and pursue their aspirations to be meaningfully employed.


Since 2020, the Scholarship has supported students from Eunos Primary School and Changkat Changi Secondary School. 

Ishk Tolaram Scholarship

Education• 2020-2022


Boys’ Town equips children and youth who may have faced hardship and come from disadvantaged and disengaged families with skills to become socially integrated, responsible and contributing members of society. Boys’ Town Learning aims to close the gap for school drop-outs and youths who cannot proceed further along education pathways or those who have been temporarily taken out of their school environments due to suspension or other reason.


46 students supported through alternative education pathways

Education • 2019-2022

Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) helps dyslexic people and those with specific learning differences in Singapore achieve. The DAS Preschool Early Literacy Programme (PELP) follows a research-based, structured and multi-sensory approach to literacy that is designed around a student’s individual learning needs. The objective of the programme is to help preschoolers who are potentially at risk of having dyslexia or developmental delay in early literacy, develop skills and strategies to become confident achievers when they enter primary school.

DAS Logo.png

Education • 2019-2022

260 children supported through the Preschool Early Literacy Programme

HCSA Academy aims to equip HCSA Community Services’ beneficiaries and other vulnerable individuals with the professional skills required to secure stable employment in the F&B industry, giving them a new lease of life and a level playing field to support themselves and their families. The Academy offers a six-week, hands-on training in their kitchen and facilitates job placements upon successful completion and certification in the highly coveted WSQ Higher Certificate in Food Services (Culinary Arts).


Skills Training • 2019-2021

36 students
trained in culinary arts

Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) is an IPC charity empowering underprivileged women into sustained employment, thus enabling their families towards social mobility. DOT complements existing training and workforce-related agencies by connecting volunteers and community resources to enable each woman on an individual level. 


13 women supported through the train-and-place eldercare providers programme


Skills Training • 2019-2022

SHINE Children and Youth Services was established in 1976 to support students who have the potential to do well but struggle in school due to situational challenges. The Scaffold Program offered by SHINE is an early intervention programme that works with Secondary One and Two Normal Academic students from mainstream schools and their social ecosystems to achieve improved school outcomes, parent-child relationships, and school-student attachments and reduced referrals to downstream programmes.


Education • 2020

30 students supported

through the Scaffold Program

Shine Logo.jpg

Agape is a contact centre set up to provide employment for those who are disadvantaged and want to turn their lives around. This includes inmates, physically challenged individuals, single mothers and ex-offenders.Their work can benefit even those who cannot commute to them, including visually impaired individuals. Since November 2018, Agape has been able to reach out to Changi Women’s prison and displaced civilians via home-based work.

Agape Logo.jpeg

Skills Training • 2020

10 women supported with laptops to work from home

SDI Academy promotes the socio-economic mobility of migrant workers and refugees and the safety of their workplaces through the provision of English, personal development and entrepreneurship courses. They help workers overcome language barriers, achieve work advancement, upgrade skillsets for better employability and integrate into society. They also organize 5 flagship events throughout the year to bring fun and joy to the migrants and create opportunities for them and local Singaporeans to interact.

Education • 2020

SDI Academy.png

148 migrant workers supported through

Basic English course

Halogen Foundation focuses on building young leaders and entrepreneurs through quality leadership and entrepreneurship education available to all young people, particularly those who are disadvantaged, come from challenging family backgrounds and/or are in need of financial assistance. The NFTE Graduate Student Scholarship provides financial assistance to selected students who drop out of school due to financial challenges and the NFTE Graduate Mentorship Program supports selected young graduates from the NFTE program to chart and achieve their personal and schooling goals.


Education • 2019-2022

Halogen Logo 2014 (Full Colour).png

59 students 

supported with

financial assistance

and mentorship

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