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In Indonesia, we support programs providing access to education and healthcare. Our grants are currently by invite only.

More details on our grantmaking approach and criteria coming soon.


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Yayasan Project Hope aims to increase the capacity of healthcare workers to improve Indonesians’ access to quality health care and provide humanitarian assistance to disaster victims. Through a strong and resilient global community of health care workers (HCW), we envision a world in which everyone has access to the health they require to reach their full potential. YPH is affiliated with the global health organisation, Project HOPE.

Healthcare • 2022-2024


SNGI is a collaborative initiative focused on capacity building to improve maternal health in rural Indonesia by identifying and managing high-risk pregnancies based on data and capacity building of local key stakeholders to alleviate stunting.


Healthcare • 2022


54 village officials 

trained in applying village funding to stunting prevention

Bhakti Luhur Foundation provides a nurturing home-like environment for the physically and mentally challenged, the poor and orphans and children displaced by man-made or natural disasters in Indonesia.


700 children supported with essential items

Healthcare • 2019-2022



The 1000 Days Fund was launched in 2018 as a bold approach to invent, test, and apply innovative, cost-effective solutions to help end stunting in Indonesia. The 1000 Days Fund is relentlessly committed to improving maternal and newborn health outcomes for the poor and marginalized. We partner with local governments to build the capacity of frontline health workers in impoverished communities, in an effort to deliver high-quality maternal and newborn health care, address the root causes of stunting and improve data aimed at evidence, advocacy and policy change.


Healthcare • 2021

32 health workers, 289 community health workers, and 6,850  mothers 

trained in stunting prevention

Ishk is an anchor donor of the Thousand Days Fund, a pooled philanthropic fund established by the Asia Philanthropy Circle to partner with the Power of Nutrition and other funders on the Better Investment for Stunting Alleviation (BISA) program in Indonesia.

Now at the end of its first year, BISA is a USD 10 million, 5-year program designed to improve nutrition among adolescent girls and during the first 1000 days of a child’s life to prevent the irreversible effects of stunting. The program is a partnership between Asia Philanthropy Circle, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, Save the Children, Nutrition International and the Power of Nutrition.


Healthcare • 2018-2020

Yayasan Teman Baik works to protect Indonesia’s marginalised children and youth, including those living and working on the streets, those affected by chronic illnesses or drug abuse, and migrants facing difficulties in their new localities.

Yayasan Teman Baik (Official).png

4,667 individuals supported through services such as education, skills training and emergency support


Education • 2020

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