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Starting with our forefather, Seth Tolaram, the spirit of giving back has been deeply ingrained in the culture of both the Tolaram family and business for generations. We recognise that as we evolve and grow, we have a responsibility to empower those around us to do the same.


In commemoration of our history, our founder Mohan Vaswani retained his grandfather's name (Tolaram), together with those of his parents Ishwari and Khanchand, forming the word 'IshK' in naming the Foundation. 'Ishq' is also the Sindhi word for 'love.'

In 2015, Ishk Tolaram Foundation became a 25% beneficiary of the Tolaram Family Trust. The incorporation of the Foundation in 2016 was taken as the next step in the evolution of Tolaram's philanthropy. ​It brings together multiple generations, as well as the larger Tolaram Group family, in a concerted effort to make giving back a greater part of our legacy.

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